Therapy services to help you heal at home.

A mental void that remains unfilled? Grief that threatens to overcome you? Anxiety that refuses to go away?

Life throws a curveball often at times when we least expect. A change in financial circumstances, loss of a loved one, or health problems can be the last straw triggering an avalanche of grief and anxiety. While each person experiences emotions differently, at times the intensity of these emotions can be confusing, surprising and hard to deal with. Difficult as it sounds, you don’t have to deal with these emotions all alone.

I offer expert therapy solutions for those dealing with internal struggles. I specialize in therapy for grief & loss, trauma, and anxiety through Telehealth. My approach to therapy involves a significant focus on the present with a little going back and necessary focus on the future.

Interaction, compassion, and empathy are the cornerstones of my therapy as I believe in asking questions and providing feedback. With me, there are no long annoying silences or the cursory head nodding.

While I help my clients gain insights into their emotions, my focus in on facilitating a process of self-discovery through open and honest discussions. Being completely honest with yourself are crucial to achieving the objectives of the therapy.

My therapy services are aimed at empowering my clients with the tools and techniques to help them make stepwise, positive changes bringing about holistic healing. In the comfort of your home, you or your loved one can re-route your mental directions while I provide a safe non-judgmental atmosphere.

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I look forward to helping you begin your healing journey.

The Benefits of Therapy

Do you struggle with trauma, anxiety, or depression? You may have a great partner, happy children, a satisfying career; but the symptoms created from your past trauma is negatively impacting your life in some way. Is your inner turmoil hurting your relationship with your partner, children &/or career? Do you experience the nagging feeling that something inside you is lost or missing? Can putting a stop to what fuels your addiction, depression, or anxiety stop you from losing a relationship, children, or career? Do you wish to prevent future loss before grief takes over your life & it gets out of control?

On paper you look great, but inside you are fighting to hold it all together?

I work with high-achievers struggling with anxiety, depression &/or addiction who are desperately seeking to live a divinely-inspired intentional life: where purpose reigns supreme and regrets are only learned experiences. If you are searching for a therapist that can help you reduce the impact of your trauma symptoms I will be a good fit for you. I like a client that fiercely works to reduce their negative symptoms once and for all.

I don’t fix people; my goal is to get clients to a place where they use their own resources to fix themselves through openness, willingness, and vulnerability. Honesty is a must or I can’t help you. Psychotherapy can be an effective tool in providing you with the necessary support and training to overcome the challenges you face. By seeking therapy, you are taking responsibility and action to change what no longer works in your life. Many studies have shown throughout the years that psychotherapy is an effective form of treating and managing mental illnesses and other emotional disorders.

As an experienced marriage and family therapist, it is my honor to assist you in exploring your core issues and move toward a healthy, fulfilling life. Utilizing a variety of approaches including Adlerian, Art Therapy, Behavioral, Biopsychosocial assessments, Christian, Cognitive/Cognitive-Behavioral, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, EMDR, Existential/Humanistic, Experiential, Family Systems, Gestalt, Integrative, Interpersonal, Jungian, Narrative, Neuropsychology, Object Relations, Person-Centered, Psycho-educational, Rational-Emotive, Reality, Relational Psychotherapy, Self Psychology, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Somatic, Transpersonal, I will work with you to create a treatment plan that is customized to meet your unique circumstances.

With honesty and compassion, I will work with you to create an open channel of communication. The goal of our therapy sessions together will be to help you develop the mental fortitude needed to lead a successful life. Additionally, we will work on the skill of self-compassion, which will allow you to move more easily through difficult times in the future, as well as become a more productive and happier person.

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.”

– Nido Qubein